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  module yumaworks-templates {

    yang-version 1.1;


    prefix ytemp;

    import ietf-netconf {
      prefix nc;
    import ietf-yang-types {
      prefix yang;

    organization "YumaWorks, Inc.";

      "Support <support at>";

      "Configuration templates.
        These are used to pre-provision full or partial
        configuration subtrees that can be used like
        YANG defaults to provide missing values in
        actual configuration data.

        A configuration template can be specified for
        a container or a list, at any depth in the YANG
        data model.

        Configuration templates are only applied when a
        new instance of configuration data is created
        by a client with the <edit-config> operation,
        and only if the <with-template> parameter is used.

        The template is expanded when the data is created
        in the candidate or running datastore. The SIL code
        and all validation is done post-expansion.

        Configuration data is applied from the template to
        the data target node in the following manner:

          * Only the child nodes of the data target
            node are compared for replacement.
          * If the corresponding child node already exists
            and not created by default, then the template
            child node is not copied.
          * If the template child node is defined within
            a YANG choice, then it will only be applied
            if no case is selected, or the same case is selected
            in the data target node.

        The /templates configuration subtree is used to
        configure named templates that can be used with the
        <with-template> parameter added to the <edit-config>
        operation to apply named templates to configuration

        The with-template leaf-list parameter is added to
        the edit-config operation. Multiple templates can
        be applied to the same edit, if the template matches
        the edit.

        A template can match the edit with 3 different tests.
        Only test (1) and (2) are mandatory.

         1) with-template=<name>, where <name> matches an
            instance of /templates/template/name
         2) the template <data-target> identifies the same
            object as the new data node being created
         3) if the template contains list keys then it will
            only be applied if the new data instance has the
            same key value, for each key leaf present in
            the template.  A missing key leaf matches all
            instances of the data target.

     Copyright (c) 2017 - 2018 YumaWorks, Inc. All rights reserved.

     Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or
     without modification, is permitted pursuant to, and subject
     to the license terms contained in, the BSD 3-Clause License


    revision "2017-02-20" {
      description "Initial version";

    augment /nc:edit-config/nc:input {
        "Add the <with-template> parameter to the
         edit-config operation";
      leaf-list with-template {
        type yang:yang-identifier;
        ordered-by user;
          "Identifies a configuration template to use for
           this edit operation. The 'target-path' parameter
           within the template will be matched to data
           in the configuration request. Templates will be
           checked in the order given, in case multiple
           templates for the same data node are provided.";

    container templates {
        "Configuration templates for <edit-config>";
      list template {
        key "name";
          "A list of configuration templates.
          Each named entry contains a data-target representing
          the schema subtree that applies to the template,
          and a data node representing the pre-populated values
          to apply to a new instance of the subtree.";
        leaf name {
          type yang:yang-identifier;
          description "Name of the template";

        leaf data-target {
          type string;
          mandatory true;
            "Identifies the configuration data object that
            corresponds to this template. This must be a
            data node path expression.  It is formatted
            like a RESTCONF path expression, except module
            names are not mandatory if they are unique.
            Only the data nodes are specified. No list keys
            can be provided for the template.

            Example: /ietf-interfaces:interfaces/interface

        anydata data {
          mandatory true;
            "Contains a single child element that corresponds
            to the data node identified by the data-target leaf.
            This subtree does not need to represent a complete
            data resource. It must contain well-formed YANG
            data node representations.  YANG validation will
            only be attempted on real configuration data
            after the template data has been applied.";
      }  // list template
    }  // container templates
  }  // module yumaworks-templates