Yuma <datastore> extension for optimizing datastore polling mechanisms by allowing the client to request datastore content only ...

  • Version: 2012-11-15


      module yuma-time-filter {
        yang-version 1;
        prefix timefilter;
        import ietf-yang-types {
          prefix yang;
        import ietf-netconf-monitoring {
          prefix mon;
        import ietf-netconf {
          prefix nc;
        organization "Netconf Central";
          "Andy Bierman <andy@netconfcentral.org>.";
          "Yuma <datastore> extension for optimizing datastore
           polling mechanisms by allowing the client to
           request datastore content only if it has been modified since
           a specified date and time.
           If the netconfd server advertises this module then
           the 'last-modified' XML attribute will be added
           to the <rpc-reply> element if there was no 'last-modified'
           attribute in the <rpc> element.  This is only done
           for the NETCONF <get> and <get-config> protocol operations.
           <rpc message-id='2' 
             <get />
           <rpc-reply message-id='2' 
             <data> ... </data>
         Copyright (c) 2011 - 2012 Andy Bierman and the persons
         identified as authors of the code.  All rights reserved.
         Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or
         without modification, is permitted pursuant to, and subject
         to the license terms contained in, the BSD 3-Clause License
          "RFC 2616: Last-Modified and If-Modified-Since headers";
        revision "2012-11-15" {
            "Use import of ietf-netconf instead of yuma-netconf
               so the ietf-netconf module can be advertised in the
               hello and clients will know which version is used
               for imported data types.";
        revision "2011-08-13" {
          description "Initial version.";
        augment /mon:netconf-state/mon:datastores/mon:datastore {
          leaf last-modified {
            type yang:date-and-time;
              "The date and time when the server last detected
               that the datastore was changed, or last initialized
               if no changes have been made.  Note that state data
               is not included in a datastore, and modifications
               to state data do not affect this timestamp.";
        grouping if-modified-since-parm {
          leaf if-modified-since {
            type yang:date-and-time;
              "If this parameter is present, then the server will
               only process the retrieval request if the
               corresponding 'last-modified' timestamp is
               more recent than this timestamp. If so, then the
               retrieval request is processed as normal.
               If not, an empty <data> element will be returned.";
        }  // grouping if-modified-since-parm
        augment /nc:get-config/nc:input {
          uses if-modified-since-parm;
        augment /nc:get/nc:input {
          uses if-modified-since-parm;
      }  // module yuma-time-filter

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