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OpenSource and Free Tools

  • YumaPro Client: Package containing yangcli-pro, yangdump-pro, yangdiff-pro tools
  • YumaPro SDK Basic: Package containing SDK for NETCONF/YANG. Includes all YumaPro-Client tools plus netconfd-pro, yangdump-sdk, and other tools
  • ConfD Basic: Development platform for NETCONF and YANG
  • EnSuite: EnSuite is a network management plateform prototype based on NetConf and YANG
  • Intellij Idea: Syntax highlighting for YANG files
  • libnetconf: NETCONF library in C intended for building NETCONF clients and servers.
  • libyang: YANG parser and formatter
  • ncclient: Python library for NETCONF clients
  • netconf4android: An API that implements the NETCONF protocol for building client applications.
  • netconf4j: Client implementation of NETCONF for Java
  • NetconfX: Provides an implementation of the client-side of a NETCONF interface in Java.
  • netopeer: Remote configuration system using NETCONF protocol
  • OpenDaylight: An open platform for network programmability to enable SDN and create a solid foundation for NFV for networks at any size and scale.
  • OpenYuma: Fork of the defacto standard Yuma project since it went proprietary.
  • pyang: An extensible YANG validator and converter in python
  • py-junos-eznc: Python library for Junos automation
  • Yangbuilder: A Groovy builder for the YANG Modeling Language
  • YENCA: An XML based network management framework compatible with the NETCONF specification
  • yuma123: Continues development of Yuma as opensource project since 2012.

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